12 Quail Farm-We handcraft a range of Soap, using Donkeys Milk, from our Farm in the heart of the Irish Countryside. Our Donkey Milk Soaps are completely unique from other soaps in that they take the form of small sculptures. Donkey Milk has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits.Queen Cleopatra herself famously kept 700 donkeys so she could bathe in their milk as a natural moisturiser and exfoliator.


The ‘Little Piggy’ is one of our most popular soaps, people just love the facial expression, the dimples and not to mention the little tail at the back! So we combined them as a pair in a giftbox. These ones are both made from Donkey Milk. The Pink Pig is coloured with Bentonite Cosmetic Clay and Activated Charcoal, scented with Lilac and the Grey Pig is coloured with Moroccan Red Cosmetic Clay and Kamtchatkan Black Volcanic Clay, scented with Rosewood Essential Oil.





Pair of Little Pig Soaps (Pink & Grey)